10 Popular Baby Shower Games

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Planning a baby shower for a friend or family member is extremely exciting. Having a baby is one of the most joyful times in someone’s life, therefore of course you want to host a fabulous party to capture those precious memories. You want the ‘mother to be’ to look back on her baby shower photos and remember the laughter, excitement and joy she felt in those given moments.

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Organising a party can be overwhelming sometimes, thinking of who to invite, what food to order, how to decorate the venue, and how to keep your guests entertained. The most important element to any party is the ‘flow’. Keeping a party moving at a certain pace and having great ambience always comes down to good planning. Some parties flow naturally and some flop, therefore considering some baby shower party games is always a good back up plan to keep your guests entertained, interacting and laughing.

To help you out, we have put together a list of popular baby shower games:

  1. ‘Guess the baby’ – Ask all your guests to provide you with a baby photo of themselves when they were between the ages of 1-2. The host should pin all of the photos on a board and leave it at the entrance of the venue. When each guests arrives they can guess if they know any of the babies on the board. All winning guesses should be entered into a draw and one person is given a prize.
  2. ‘Don’t look Diaper’ – a really funny game to play with your guests is ‘don’t look Diaper’. This is where you blindfold your guests and get them to race against another guest to fully assemble a diaper to a baby doll or teddy bear. You could also do the quickest time wins a prize.
  3. ‘Guess the baby weight, date and time’ – Ask all of your guests to write down their predictions on how much they believe the mother to be's child will weigh, plus the date and time of their birth. This game can be a nice way for guests to leave loving notes for the ‘mum to be’ to read after the party.
  4. ‘What did daddy say?’ – Prior to the baby shower the host should ask the ‘father to be’ a number of questions. Example: Do you want a boy or girl? What was your first thought when you heard you were having a baby? What profession would you like your child to have? What traits do you think your child will get from its mother? Ask him about 20 questions, then the game is for the ‘mother to be’ to guess what he answered.
  5. ‘Baby charades’ – To prep for this game the host needs to make a list of baby related activities (20-30), write them on a piece of paper, and add each piece of paper to a bowl. The baby related activities could be – Dressing a baby, nursing a baby, playing peek-a-boo, changing a diaper, pumping milk etc. Then on the day divide the group of guests into two teams. One guest begins the game by standing up, taking an activity from the bowl, and acting out the activity for her team members to guess. The person acting out the activity only has 30 seconds to so. If they guess correctly their team gets one point. The host should be the person to take count of the scores (for all games). Make sure you have a timer for this game.
  6. ‘Popular child names’ – The host of the party should research the most popular baby names were for current/past year. Then ask each guest to take one guess, all right guesses should be entered into a raffle to win a prize.
  7. ‘What kids will say’ – We all love how honest kids can be, and such scenarios make for great stories. Ask your guests to tell there most embarrassing/funny sentences they said as a child or that their own kids have said. Then all guests should take a vote on the funniest story.
  8. ‘Did my water break?’ – This game is hilarious! You will need a bucket of filled water balloons, and an outdoor space to play the game as things can get messy. lol! Mark up a start and finish line and get each guest to hold a water balloon between their knees, and race from one end of the garden to the other. The goal is to not let the balloon burst. The first one to the finish line with their balloon is the winner.
  9. ‘My best advice’ – Ask each of your guests to write (in a guest book) their best piece of advice they want to share with the mum to be. This book of advice is always a lovely gift for the mum to be to read after the baby shower is over.
  10. ‘Guess the baby food’ – The host will need to purchase a few pots of different kinds of baby food. Then each guest is blind folded and given a small taste of the baby food and need to guess its ingredients.

To motivate your guests consider giving some prizes to your game winners (Bottle of wine, perfume, box of chocolates, bath fizz bombs, candles).

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